Bulletin issued in the Irpino press and broadcasted on TV channels.

The MO.CO.VA. (the Vatican II Council Movement) officially wishes to thank Don Vitaliano Della Sala for the evangelic courage in fighting for the laicality of [...]

World Gay Pride 2000

With pleasure the MO.CO.VA. shares the opinion of Amos Luzzatto, chairman of the Union of the Italian Jewish communities: "The Jewish desolately watch the [...]

Dana at the European song festival

PRESS RELEASE of 29/12/98 The MO.CO.VA.(Second Vatican Council Movement) is pleased that the Israeli High Court of Justice decided to send a [...]

Pastoral Letter of the American Bishops

PRESS RELEASES of 7/12/97 The MO.CO.VA. (Second Vatican Council Movement) wants to focus the public attention on the recent pastoral letter of the [...]