Monday 23rd February 2009

Hans Küng to Lucia Annunziata during the interview of Sunday 15th February on Rai3, freely and synthetically recorded by the Carthusian.

L.A.: Why do the followers of Lefebvre deny?

H.K.: Because they reject all the modernity, clinging to the Middle Age, that is anti-Semitic. A reconciliation with them would mean a regression to the Middle Age.

L.A.: Ratzinger has recently lost a million pilgrims.

H.K.: Even if they were more, they would be pilgrims who do not put in practice the ethical word of the pope.

L.A.: You have been attendista e aperturista with Ratzinger.

H.K.: He welcomed me at Castel Gandolfo. I hoped other courageous acts would follow this first one. But there only was restoration.

L.A.: You talk about an isolated Ratzinger.

H.K.: Self-isolated and deliberately surrounded by yes-men. The analogy with the Kremlin is obvious: center of power, doctrinal plant, a non-relation with the real and changing world.

Above all Ratzinger is specular to George W. Bush instead of Obama. He is not the pope of hope.

This article is available in Italian too