Revealed Message

  • Donation of the Vatican State to Italy. The Pope Bishop of Jerusalem. Any more roman emperor.
  • The substantial superiority of the clergy on the laymen is an evangelic falsehood. Essential distinction of the charisms into the only Baptism.
  • “Consacration” of fathers and mathers for the celebration of the Mass.
  • The Mass like the last Supper.The chalice to the laymen. The “consecratory” words immediately executed. The Word ritual as dialogue. In short: simplification and desolemnization of the Mass.
  • The Baptism, only to believing adults, should absorb the Confirmation.

Reformist-prophetic positions


a) Evangelic reform

  • A church poor in goods and privileges
  • Donation of the Vatican State to Italy
  • Bishops and presbyters elected by people
  • Free celibacy for presbyters


b) Sacramental reform

  • Baptism only for adults. Non-sense of the Confirmation
  • Holy Communion in the families, given by the hosting couples. Characterized by homely simplicity, not by the solemnity of the temple
  • Confession of the sins directly to God
  • Free ear Confession
  • Female presbyters


c) Political reform

  • The Pope as Bishop of Jerusalem, not of Rome anymore
  • The Church Government shared among the Pope and the bishops
  • Common responsibility of the presbyters and laymen


d) Ethic reform

  • Yes to divorce in serious cases
  • Yes to faithful gay and lesbian


e) Bioethic reform

  • Yes to condom and contraceptive pill
  • Yes to homologous in-vitro fertilization
  • Yes to ererologous in-vitro fertilization, in indispensable cases
  • Yes to the use of human embryo if they are neither injured nor killed
  • Yes to aborption in indispensable cases
  • Yes to euthanasia if decided by the patient

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