Saturday 7th March 2009

Peter Pan, the boy-bird of Kensington gardens: the entrancing and fluorescent model of the baby-boy, who would have become the flying Carthusian, bilocated by Jesus.


How many times he had tried to flap his little arms like wings to leave the pavement.


Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-glass. “There, Alice meets laws, that are totally different from ours. Neither the Weight nor the Number exist, and the multiplication table gets mad. The ”I”, we are so proud about, gets lost, together with that supreme symbol of identity that is memory. Everything is turned over. To reach a place, we have to turn our backs to it: not to move we have to run: to get to a point, we should have passed over it; and the time runs backwards, first the future, then the present, at the end the past. When Alice recites a poem, the words change in her mouth: she knew by heart some edifying verses; and now her unconscious, tyrannically governed by the laws “there”, obliges her to say parodies, nonsense, twisted words. So no wonder if the same law of contradiction,  where terrestrial existence is based fades away: if yes and no, negative and positive, plus and minus, “important” and “not important” mean the same thing”. Pietro Citati


Andrea Zanzotto “…After all even the motionless and mental journeys exist…”.


Answer to a spiritual daughter. “…as far as intercession for the alive and the dead is concerned, experience has taught me that the more we love Jesus, the more He fulfils our desires, even if we do not often know them. After all Jesus taught us not to multiply our requests, the way the pagans do, because they do not believe in Love but in the Number and Quantity. God is like a Mother: He seizes our desires and realizes them as soon as the right moment is. Believing is not enough, but believing in Love. That is the greatest Gift on earth. Faith is Love already and it becomes more and more Love, increasing on itself, from seed to tree, the Tree of Life”.


You will become like God, by eating from the cognitive tree of good and evil, that is the tree of Ethics. Here is the deceit of the biblical serpent. The not claimed truth sounds like this: you will become like God if you eat from the Tree of Life that is of Love. And it is God’s teaching. You will become like God because you will become His children. Thanks to faith that loves and love that believes. You will become His children because you have become Love.

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