Saturday 9th June 2007

“Both capitalism and Marxism promised they would find the way to create the right structures and said that these ones, once established, would work on their own; they also said that not only would they not need a past individual morality, but they would promote common morality. And this ideological promise was false. Facts showed it. Marxist system, where it was at the government, has not only left a sad inheritance of economic and ecologic destructions, but also a painful oppression of souls. And the same has happened in the west, where the gap between the poor and the rich constantly increases and drugs, alcohol and deceptive mirages of happiness cause a worrying abasement of personal dignity.” From The speech of Benedetto XVI at the opening of the V General Conference of Latin-American and Caribbean Episcopacy

Paedophile has to be educated to educate himself.

Evil: not faith in God, selfishness.

His cremation, better than burial, reminded him the baptism in Spirit, in Fire. While the ashes spread around the countryside were a memory of the Promised Land.

«As all the others, I bowed my head
during the consecration of bread and wine,
I raised my eyes to the host and cup lifted,
I believed in a change.
Went to the balustrade of the altar and received the mystery
On my tongue, went back to my seat, shut my eyes,
thanked, opened them and felt
the time was back in motion».

                                                                                 Seamus Heaney

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