Sunday 4th May 2008

And the father offered his son the brand new collection of books. The little child enraptured by so much love and trust in that timeless moment soon developed the love for reading and the thirst for knowledge. The humble ignorant artisan had opened him to wisdom.

He remembered the vision-dream of his childhood, filled with mystic facts. Christ, tied to the pillar and flagellated, looks at him with deep and embarrassing eyes. The child is in a deep fear: is that look really divine? Isn’t it Luciferian? In that very moment a woman dressed in blue and white appears to him and assures him maternally.

Stigmata need a poor health. Otherwise, in the presence of a perfect and explosive health, the body would not be able to bear them.

Ingenuous and absolute prayer after the baptism in the Spirit: Lord, make me the most Marian, the most charismatic, the most humiliated of all the men of history. Like You. For You.

Vische 15th August 1980. The praying woman, whose acronym is M.Q., announced to him: “You will travel everywhere, in the desert, as a crucified”. He alluded to the abundant gift of bilocation. You will travel that is you will be very mobile, from being immobile. “In the desert” that is without any human support, on the wings of pure power of God. “as a crucified” that is as a stigmatized.

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