rattiDon Franco Ratti was born in Monopoli (Ba) on June, 7 1940. Son of a housewife, Giuseppina Petrosillo and of an artisan, Nicola Ratti.He was ordained Priest in 1963. He was trained at the school of the beloved Bishop Carlo Ferrari, now dead, who transmitted to him the enthusiasm for the Reform of the Church.

He graduated with full marks in History and Philosofy at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. He was student of famous catholic intellectuals such as Mancini, Rovighi, Bontadini, Severino, he was also a spontaneous assistant of Philosophy of History with professor Melchiorre.

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina prophesied: “You will suffer a lot for the Church and because of the Church, above all for the Sin and for the mankind’s sins”.

In 1983, while he was praying in the Church of San Francis, in Monopoli, there was the Event, a mystic and not physical fact: “Jesus Christ consecrated him prophet and antagonist of Satan”. Don Franco found himself with radical choices: above all a poor and a man of prayers, then a prophet for a more human but, above all, evangelic Church.

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