The movement

“The Church has to follow the Second Vatican Council, developing its openings to the society and to the man of today”.
This is, in short, the inspiring principle of the Second Vatican Council Movement, the ecclesiastic pole of reference for all the progressive Catholics, founded by Don Franco Ratti, with its centre in Avellino. A lively group from South Italy, made up of different types of people, seriously supports the Reform of the Catholic Church, despite determined oppositions.They are few but they are gratified from the kindness of a lot of people, above all young, including priests and nuns.

The Movement arrived in the centre of Europe: in the famous faculty of Catholic Theology in Tubinga (Germany) and to the Palais Ferstel of Vienna, a very famous Austrian centre of cultural debates, obtaining attention on international newspapers and obtaining interest on behalf of K√ľng and Greinacher, two very important theologians. This movement is in fraternal synergy with the Austrian, German and international progressive Catholic Movement “We are Church”.

According to MOCOVA, the Church, still too conservative, has a need of democracy and above all new horizons:

  • Bishops and priests elected by the base.
  • Priests freely unmarried.
  • Woman-priest.
  • In absence of priests, the laymen (and laywomen) as Eucharistic president
  • Donation of the Vatican State to Italy.
  • The Pope bishop of Jerusalem, city of God and geografic heart of Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Baptism only to adults.
  • Lawfulness of the divorce in some circumstances.
  • The lawfulness of euthanasia: Rights and Medicine at the service of the Self-determination of the terminal patient.

Besides Jesus revealed to don Franco that the Planet and the mankind are going to the end. This declaration is made with extreme sobriety and without chronologic hysteria.

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