Thursday 23rd December 2010

The Spiritual subconscious (Maritain)

Has to be distinguished from

The Instinct Subconscious (Freud)

Man is unaware

Of his supreme sphere

The spirit

lives (does not live) in his ignorance

frustrating itself

This suicide


the tragedy of today’s men



Caietano (1468 – 1534)

“Omne esse sequitur appetitus”


John of Saint Tomas (1589 – 1644)

“Haec propositio,

quod ad omnem formam sequitur inclinatio,

per se nota est”


In short: being  means to be attracted (“appetitus”, “inclinatio”). Things touch and fit with each other. God is the infinite Attractor. Attracting things to Himself, He attracts them to each other.



There are some duties

Even irrespective of God

“etiamsi daremur non esse Deum,

aut non curari ab eo negotia humana” (Hugo de Groot)


The Christian should live Sundays even cultivating his education

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