Thursday 5th March 2009

Roberta Salvadori. “…children and adults with infantile faces may stimulate in others the  activity of a precise emotional part of the brain, the amygdala, that induces to protection…”.


Pascal Quignard. “Reading is the passion of my life. I think I would have committed suicide if I had lived in a society without any writing. If I had not been given this possibility of mine to be withdrawn. In reading you stop being yourself, belonging to your age, your homeland, living in definite space and time. It is a very dangerous experience and I understand quite well why people do not read. The loss of your identity, the oblivion of yourself, caused by reading has to do with rapture as well as devastation. When you get into others’ thought or world you are afraid of getting out of it different. And you are right. You actually expose yourself to total metamorphosis, revolutions, psychological implosions, religious crisis. You find yourself compared with utopia, solitude, revolt, aporia, secret, extraneousness, atheism, doubt, non society (because society is not a value). And while I am talking to you I understand that I am making the list of the values banned by religious or political majorities”.


Wednesday 4th March. Morning. They were grasping at his hands. They were hands stretching out from below, they were begging. The Carthusian first hesitated: are you infernal spirits or from purgatory? He signed the cross upon them invoking the Trinity. They went on begging. Their grip was warm and tender. Their faces invisible.


The Carthusian understood more and more deeply that stigmata were the living’s and the most living’s (the dead) benefit: in order to free the firsts from the sin and Satan, and to raise the seconds to the Light.


He thanked God for those noble gifts, very personal and together public, thanks to the intercession of writing.


The Carthusian was thirsty for the Glory of God, for a Glory that overwhelmed on every flesh.


Angels are perfectly at ease with children. They are pedophile in the noble and deep sense of the word. The intellective and operative simplicity is their geniality and congeniality.


God can be drawn through the shadow of all the colors and sounds. No unilateral approach can boast the exclusive right of it. Interactive intelligence and wide heart  are the key of the meeting.


Israel has to demonstrate to the world that the Shoah is not spoilt to maintain and increase the Hebrew State. If it wants to demonstrate it, it has to want seriously and not only officially a Palestinian State.


The silence of American Hebrews was more deafening than Pio XII’s.


Israel State would have flourished somewhere else. But now things are irreversible.


The historical denial of Shoah has to be examined culturally and not from a disciplinary point of view. A dogmatic sacral mythic anti-denial expose the Hebrew to the bad reputation of thieves of history, of values, of pain, of land.


Ecstasies visions revelations feed the night prayer of Jesus.


Catholic church had absolutely to teach men the very personal encounter with God. Moses got on the Sinai alone, without the old, without people. He is the burning bramble-bush Himself.


The real chosen people are the human people.

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