Wednesday 1st August 2007

As the Passion and the stigmate came closer, he abhorred the realistic pitilessness.
Agony of spirit, pure will, pure acceptance of the cup.

Ratzinger and Georg while they say the rosary: two little tridentine nuns.

The carthusian most personal and spiritual diaries cuold be published only after his death.

The absolute power of the Pope is against the Trinity, against the Gospel, against the true church of Christ, which “exists” only as a community of brothers and sisters.

According to father Georg Gänswein Islam is dangerous for Europe. Better: for Europe, for oecumene and the church the pope-absolutist catholicism of the fundamentalist Ratzinger is worse.

Ratzinger is the Vatican I.

If the adulterer had not committed adultery, would she have met Christ? Giovanni Vannucci

The main potential of man, spirit, must be conquered and realised. It is not only given:”the kingdom of heaven has to be violated”. See Mt 11,12.

The “spirituals”, the ones who have understood that theory and practice and life are Love, belong to all categories, even the atheist.

Ratzinger tramples on the principle of principles in a sophisticated way. Is Satan as able as him?

The truth is quality, not quantity. Against the Answers of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, which define catholic church as Perfect, Toti-furnished, provided with “all the elements established by Christ himself”.

It is diabolical the claim of Rome to consider itself as superior to the primitive church, very poor in sacraments, rhytes, means, theology.

The axe of God falls strongly on you, bastard, faked and faking.

The nasal bow of the augustan secretary stood imperious over the metakantian imperative: yes to religious freedom, no to religious equity.

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