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The newspaper “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno” of 19 March 2001
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The weekly “La Rinascita” of 30 March 2001
The weekly magazine “L’Espresso” of 12 April 2001
The magazine “PortaNuova” n.57 – May 2001

Catholicism finally becomes synonymous with ecumenism. The lesson of the Second Vatican Council is budding: the Christian churches are all on the same level. See the authoritative intervention of Cardinal Walter Kasper, new president of the Council for Christian Unity.
But let’s get to the news. As a representative of MO.CO.VA. (Second Vatican Council Movement), in October 1999 I participated in the International Congress of “We Are Church” (IMWAC), in Santa Severa (Rome), in the Evangelical Youth Village Center. In this climate of international fraternity, as a Catholic, I conceived the idea of ​​devolving to my Evangelicals (Protestants) my huge agricultural property, in the countryside of Monopoli (Bari): a tree of olive trees, cherry and almond trees with its farmhouse, to be restored expand.
In the end the project became an acronym: Miryam International Ecumenical Evangelical Center of Nazareth (CEEIM). With these two epochal consequences:
a) Catholics, for the first time in their history, give their property to the Protestants
b) Protestants, always the first time, have their center in the Mother of Jesus.
I thank for my cordial complicity my mother Franca, my brother Mauro, my sister Luciana, but above all my father, who has blessed this initiative with the most beautiful smile, which I know. This work, which bears the stigma of the Spirit and of Mary, is my declaration of love to a good and just man. Noble oak with peach flowers.

Maria Angela Mastronardi
(Vatican Council II Movement)
Monopoli (Bari)

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