Letters and telegrams

6 notes on the child baptism

COLUMN "LETTERS TO THE EDITOR"from the "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno" of march,17 1998 Dear Editor, in the column "Letters to the Editor" of wednesday 4 [...]

The cairo-baptism

COLUMN "LETTER TO THE EDITOR"  from "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno" of april, 2 1998 Dear Editor, the letter of mister Enzo Dell'Andro, published in [...]

The “affair” of Cardinal Giordano

Letter published on: Daily newspaper "Il Manifesto" September, 15th 1998 Weekly magazine "Diario della settimana" September, 16th 1998 Weekly [...]

Virginity of Mary and assisted insemination

Letter published on: Daily newspaper "Liberazione" February, 27th 1999 Weekly magazine "Avvenimenti" February, 28th 1999 Daily newspaper [...]

Genzano petition free celibacy

Letter published on: daily newspaper "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno" of September, 20th 1999 daily newspaper "Liberazione" of September, 25th 1999 [...]


Letter published on: Daily newspaper "Il Sannio" October, 26th 1999 Magazine "Rinascita" October, 29th 1999 Magazine "Avvenimenti" November, [...]

Two questions on bioethics and indulgences

Letter published on: Daily newspaper "Liberazione" March, 21th 2000 Magazine "Avvenimenti" March, 23rd 2000 Daily newspaper "Il Sannio" March, [...]

Telegram to the President Clinton

This telegram was send to don Franco Ratti, the MOCOVA's founder , to the President of the United States of America Bill Clinton. Dear President, the [...]

Congratulations to Dario Fo

Thursday 9th october 2000 Dario Fo recived in Stoccolma the highest honour of the Nobel for Literature. The MOCOVA immediately sent to the great artist [...]

Wishing telegram for cardinal Ratzinger

16th april, 2002 On the occasion of his 75th birthday, we wish You joy and good in the name of Jesus Christ, author of faith and hope. MO.CO.VA. (Second [...]