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Christmas-letter of MO.CO.VA about paedophilia and linked themes

Send by the lawyers of MOCOVA, Dr.Emilio Sandulli and Dr. Silvio Garofalo, to the President of the Republic, to the President of the Cabinet, to the Justice [...]

Pacifics but not pacifists

Discourse published on:The magazine of Monopoli "Portanuova", number 51 – August The daily "Il Sannio" of 13th august 1999 The daily "Ottopagine" of 21st [...]


Letter published on:The daily newspaper "Corriere della Sera" (Sette) of october, 19th 2000 The magazine "Il Mattino" of october, 26th 2000 "L'Espresso [...]

“FATIMA 2000”

Speech published on: The magazine "Porta nuova" n 54 August 2000 The daily newspaper " Liberazione" of July, 13rd 2000 The daily newspaper "Il [...]


Discourse published on: The daily "Il Sannio" of 6th December 1998 The magazine "Neo-Agorà" of November/December 1998 The weekly "Adista" of [...]