Monday 2nd May 2011

Lunedì 2 maggio 2011 277 giorni di digiuno solido e farmacologico Le feci sono “formate” Hanno la stessa forma, la stessa densità la [...]

Friday 15th april 2011

Venerdì 15 aprile 2011 260 giorni di digiuno solido e [...]

Friday 11th March 2011

Mercoledì 16 marzo 2011 230 giorni di digiuno solido e farmacologico nutrito solo di [...]

Saturday 15th January 2011

His deepest status And distinctive Physically pregnant and soaking  was the participation to the bloodless Eucharistic Holocaust terribly specular with [...]

Wednesday 12th January 2011

The last drawing by Leonardo da Vinci are obsessively disturbed by water as apocalyptic element. Leonardo firmly believes in the second and last universal [...]

Tuesday 11th January 2011

Not only love, also intelligence is life.   The Cathedrals of the Ego From the Ego “thoughtful” of Descartes To the rational and rationing Ego [...]

Monday 10th January 2011

We are philosophically “barbarians” and “un-founded” Satan is the versatile Intellectual that brings verses that seduces the whole West we have to [...]

Wednesday 5th January 2011

«Undoubtedly virginity must be preferred rather than married life»                                                           [...]

Tuesday 4th January 2011

All the things that are big are in the storm                                                                           [...]

Monday 3rd January 2011

The man is the universe itself that becomes aware of itself The ethical Rule fundamental and radical is the Divine Essence itself that has been [...]