Wednesday 26th January 2000

Caress of the sun on his torn heart.   Stigmatic pulsations emerged soon after his prophetic consecration. He lay in bed for several weeks in the [...]

Saturday 5th November 2005

To my brothers and sisters Jeovah Witnesses: God is Love. This is the greatest truth in the Bible. What is the coming and future Apocalypse compared to the [...]

Sunday 6th November 2005

I contemplated God in the fluffy tail of a little country dog. In a couple tightened hand in hand, on the bright shore of Torre Canne. Death is illusion: [...]

Thursday 10th November 2005

How many male and female John the Baptist were born?: from Buddha to Confucio, from the reason to art to technics. All of them come before Him, Christ. Atheism [...]

Friday 18th November 2005 – Advent 2005

There is no Gospel without the Power of God. Interior and exterior power. The real Pentecost is integral, scandal of the spiritualists and the [...]

Saturday 26th November 2005

Se Cristo di Nazaret è la Luce, la Trasfigurazione taborica non è solo un episodio, ma la Sua latente costante. Se l’Incarnazione è un evento, la mancata [...]

Sunday 27th November 2005 – Evening

The stigmata are not only the expression of the Crucified, but also of the Crucified umanity The body, in its essence is immaterial (of a kind of [...]

Sunday 27th November 2005

What is annihilating Christ by the men on the Calvary compared to His self-annihilating in his becoming flesh? A bloody nothing For the believer the bread [...]

Wednesday 30th November 2005

That very night the Carthusian-baby of God was suddenly woken up by three laughs coming from his soul. Simultaneous, clear and identical. He understood and [...]

Saturday 3rd December 2005

Ratzinger’s definition afterthe issue of the “ Education of the Congregation for the Catholic Education about the criteria of vocational judgments of the [...]