The ideas of the movement

Tombstone of the woman-priest Leta

The MO.CO.VA., aware of the historical complexity of the event, call your attention on a sensational discovery happened at Tropea, in Calabria. It is a [...]

Discovery into the catacombs of Priscilla

The MO.CO.VA.announces the following sensational news: into the Priscilla catacomb (in the greek chapel) there is an image of a woman celebrating Eucharist. [...]

Fresco of the female “fractio panis”

Yesterday, May 13th, the daily newspaper "La Repubblica" mentioned MO.CO.VA., the Italian and International Catholic Progressive Movement. Subject: THE [...]

International meeting about the Holocaust

PRESS RELEASE of 26/05/97 The INTERNATIONAL MEETING on the HOLOCAUST (the slaughter of six millions Jewish in nazi death camps) took place in Naples. [...]

Ecumenic Assembly in Graz

PRESS RELEASE of 24/06/97 During the Ecumenic Assembly in Graz, Austria, from 23rd to 29th of June, was notified the Well-wishing Statement of MO.CO.VA. in [...]

Marriage without the Holy Mass

Il MO.CO.VA. announces that, recently, Dr. Silvio Garofalo and Dr. Gabriella Comitale, both MO.CO.VA.'s members, got married in the Duomo of Avellino On [...]

Pastoral Letter of the American Bishops

PRESS RELEASES of 7/12/97 The MO.CO.VA. (Second Vatican Council Movement) wants to focus the public attention on the recent pastoral letter of the [...]

Conference in Turin

PRESS RELEASE of 14/12/97 The MO.CO.VA. (Second Vatican Council Movement) was officially invited to a conference inTurin on celibacy and on the [...]

Blessings in Italy

PRESS RELEASE of 06/03/98 MO.CO.VA. (Second Vatican Council Movement) announces the first laical and parental blessings of catholics on their [...]

Dana at the European song festival

PRESS RELEASE of 29/12/98 The MO.CO.VA.(Second Vatican Council Movement) is pleased that the Israeli High Court of Justice decided to send a [...]