The MO.CO.VA. (II Vatican Council Movement) agrees with, subscribes and issues the appeal proDico of the professor Giuseppe Alberigo, illustrious historian of History of Church and of the Vatican, of the II Vatican Council.


Italian church, however rich with so many energies and ferments, is subjected to an undeserved regression.

The announced intervention of the Presidentship of Episcopal Conference, that would impose on Members of the Parliament to reject the bill on “rights of living together” is of an unprecedented seriousness.

With such an act Italy would fall down in the usual conflict between the condition of believer and the one of citizen. A condition arose after the Country unification and the “non expedit” of the Holy See and finally got through only the Concordat agreements.

It is with great sorrow, but strongly,that we denounce, this risk, and we beg our Clergymen to be aware of it and to avoid such a tragedy, that could lead our Church and our Country out of History.

One may think that this bill can not be optimal, but it is also indispensable to distinguish between what, for the believers, is compulsory, not only for their conscience, but also as a standard, and what must be ruled by a laical the State.

We do invite Episcopal Conference to balance their positions and the catholic members of Parliament to remain faithful to their constitutional commitment of being lawmakers for everyone.

Giuseppe Alberigo, Bologna

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