MO.CO.VA. (II Vatican Council Movement) puts forward the worrying hypothesis that the Pope Benedetto XVI could be autistic subject or, even better, unable to interact with practical reality and at the same time he regularly tends to violate it. With ruinous effects for both the church and italian societies, already spilt.
Not only the sin, but also the pathology can fill St. Peter’s throne, and underline this surreal papacy.

To Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italian Republic
To the Congregationfor the Doctrin of the Faith
ToPress Agencies
To the newspapers
To the intellectuals
To the clergymen and politicians
To religious orders
To all the parishes
To Rome diocese
To Milan diocese
To Turin diocese
To Bari diocese
To Avellino diocese
To Conversano-Monopoli diocese
To catholic, evangelical, jewish, islamic, homosexual sites

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