The Catholic Church, thanks to the Motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” of Benedict XVI, is now in itself schismatic.
2 theologies, 2 ecclesiologies, 2 catechesis, 2 pastorals, 2 liturgies.
In the face of this anarchy we cry out: Benedict XVI must be deposed.
The Roman Lefèbvre must be deposed, the Anticoncilio must be laid, the Hypocrisy must be deposited, the hypocrisy must be deposed.
Bishops and priests are obliged to boycott the restoration of the Tridentine Missal of Pio V.
The Spirit rejects Pope Ratzinger.
In Myanmar the children of the Spirit, colored aurora, have announced a new future.
Be ours. Let’s exercise it by restoring on the chair of Peter Gospel and Hope.


  • to the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano
  • to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
  • to the Press Agencies
  • to journalistic newspapers
  • to TV broadcasters
  • to intellectuals
  • to ecclesiastical and political figures
  • to religious orders
  • to all the parishes
  • to the diocese of Rome
  • to the diocese of Milan
  • to the diocese of Turin
  • to the diocese of Genoa
  • to the diocese of Bari-Bitonto
  • to the diocese of Avellino
  • to the diocese of Conversano-Monopoli
  • to Catholic, Evangelical, Hebrew, Islamic, gay and green sites

Transmitted by:

  • “PrimaTivvù” of 25 October 2007 (4 editions)

Reported on:

  • the magazine “Portanuova” – December 2007

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