After the anti-paedophile intervention of the Pope Ratzinger with Irish bishops, I would like to remind the Catholics that nothing has been done in practice, and I say in practice, by the Holy See, above all in Italy, about ecclesiastical sexual crimes.

A typical example? Marcial Maciel, founder of the fundamentalist organization “Christ legionaries”, a sort of catholic sect just like the Opus Dei, accused of paedophilia by a lot of former members, sexually abused in the past, has only been removed by the present Pope without any trial.
Also the mafia speaks officially against itself.

In Italy the priests’ and bishops’ sexual victims are not in a small number, but in practice neither Ruini nor Ratzinger will ever raise the problem and start any possible trial.
Do not let roman sirens bewitch and seduce our minds.

In these days the metropolitan archbishop Carmelo Ferraro from Agrigento has countercited Marco Marchese, former seminarian who had been sexually abused in the past, demanding a compensation of 200.000 euro for the damages given by Marchese’s denounce to the “image” and “prestige” of the church of Agrigento.

Let the thousands of Italian victims talk. This is the only way the church can save itself from hypocrisy of the thousands of Ruini and gabbers like Ratzinger.

Priest Dr. Franco Ratti

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