Monday 12th April 2010

Friday 9th April 2010. Morning. The carthusian dreams the word Manipulation. Later, the same day, he hears about  the association “Sacred Path”, founded by Vito Carlo Moccia, inventor of the Arkeon method, tended to generate the certainty that all the psychological and physical diseases are referable to sexual abuses suffered during infancy. Example: a woman is persuaded to publicly confess to her fourteen-year-old son she played with his genitals when he was a baby to help him sleep. Determining, in this way, his adolescent problems.


Sacred Path

Has been promoted by Father Raniero Cantalamessa

The ex progressive of the Cattolica in Milan

Passed from the Renewal of Spirit

To the spirit of Reaction

Offence hypothesis:

Criminal conspiracy

Illegal practice of the psychology profession

Fraud, child abuse,

Private violence, group sexual violence



The sex phobia of Sacred Path is the same as Raniero Cantalamessa,  Benedetto XVI,  a lot of anti-council Catholics, all the pedophilic priests and bishops.


Friday 9th April 2010. 7,30 p.m. Diana Marina. I am in my car. I am contemplating the sea. Sudden sleepiness. I suddenly find myself in a garden, in front of a girl, who is looking at me surprised. She can see my physical shape. I do not feel as spirit neither as body. I am out of my body. I am simply me. It is me. And I go down towards her, from above. A flick of fingers interrupts the experience, better it records the end of it. A flick perceived in another occasion: that time to introduce another metaphysical experience. The flick is made by angels. Even my companion feels it.


I am inclined to think that that girl, middle-class, dark, fine, wanted to know me and God fulfilled her desire in a prodigious way. I still have a purely oneiric suspect.


Sunday 11th April 2010. 8,30 a.m. I am still in bed. Suddenly Satan, invisible but sensible lays on me, awake and horizontal and presses my breast. Some infinite moments, of huge effort, punctuated by the most desperate invocation of the Trinity, especially of the Father. In vain. At the end, forced, releases me. Implicit message:


I will not oppose at your back anymore

But frontally, in the tightest physical contact

Face to face

I will not release you anymore if not forced

Skirmishes have ended

The duel starts. A fight to death.

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