Pedophilia and Sadism. Religious priests nuns.

The horror suffered by thousands of minors

The scandal blazes from the United States to Germany to Holland and Ireland

The horror of silence. The criminal letter.

Bishops forced by Ratzinger and Wojtyla to keep quiet

A former child: “A friar watched while the other raped me. Then they exchanged “.
A former child: “The nun brought me to a man. She undressed me, washed me, touched me, then gave me to rape me “(From the Irish reports RYAN and MURPHY).


Wojtyla (the Saint)

he ordered bishops from all over the world

to be silent and to shut up

under penalty of excommunication.

Through the very secret «Epistula de delictis gravioribus»

sent by Cardinal Ratzinger on 18 May 2001

Today, Benedict XVI, forced by public opinion,

he accuses the bishops of silence

cover up the scandal

doing the scandalized

mewing indignation

The widest possible dissemination, web and non.

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