FOOTWEAR PRIESTS AND THE LAW OF THE CELIBATE (To hate pedophilia, not the pedophile)

The MO.CO.VA. (Second Vatican Council Movement) expresses all its indignation at the intervention of Monsignor Rino Fisichella in “Year Zero”, dedicated to pedophilia of priests.
The monsignor in question has vomited hatred on pedophile priests, trampling on anthropology and the Gospel.
The MO.CO.VA. proclaims that the pedophile should not be hated, but pedophilia. The cancer of the church is not celibacy, but the law of celibacy, which produces infantile and immature personalities. And pedophilia – let it be clear – is a serious form of immaturity.
The pedophile priest, who however does not kill his victims, to be educated, not whisked away from the church, that church that by imposing celibacy, is likely to be a big organization unnatural.

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