False Shroud, false popes, false saints, stallions doc, mafia

  1. The Shroud. The Gospels ignore the prodigy of the Shroud. The first Christian generations ignore it. The Shroud of Turin appears only in the Middle Ages, the age of false relics and false shrouds.
  2. Pope Wojtyla protected Fr. Marcial Maciel, the Mexican priest, founder of the Legionaries of Christ (various women and children in the world, pedophilia, pedophilia on the same children, homosexuality on his seminarians, held to vote for silence, especially rivers of money in the Vatican coffers, milanese billions and billionaires seduced money and gifts to the cardinals to cover and support him, Money a Wojtyla, who knows and lets run).
  3. For his Poland, Pope Wojtyla has recycled the money of the mafia à gogo. The truth that Roberto Calvi could not shout because he was killed.  
  4. Pope Wojtyla will be “made” holy.    
  5. Pope Ratzinger has long been the most informed person in the world about pedophilia in the church. For 42 years he was silent: as a teacher, as an archbishop, as a prefect, as a pope in the first 5 years. Pope Ratzinger has the bishops resign, but the guilty one does not resign.


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