Italy on pedophilia is very inguious

more ingenious than Ireland

but he is silent because he is religiously and culturally mafia

Benedict XVI

He only speaks to bury the truth

and foster the conscience of the stupid (many!)

and to avoid cascading billionaire outflows

In fact, no Bagnasco will ever be able to contact

to the abused and abused of Italy

urging them to talk

The initiative of the diocese of Bolzano

who invited to report cases of abuse on their site

was welcomed coldly by the CEI

as was predictable

The System makes a square around the system

it is the Mafia of the Spirit in the name of the Spirit

That System which proclaims Christ and the Gospel, adulterating them,

squeezing honors, privileges, culture, power

making of the Christianity of Christ

a new Synagogue, a new Temple, a new Business

Sac. Dr. Franco Ratti

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