Saturday 29th December 2007

They prevent men from falling in love with God.


We refuse others religious activities because it is a means of power.


Religious murder is not pure aberration, but visceral and panic self-defense from other’s religious power.


What I mean with “cazzolicesimo” is the militarist, crusaderly, politically anti-sexist Catholicism of Wojtyla-Ratzinger.


A theology, you do not adore, is not theology.


A theology, that does not adore the Word made flesh, is not perfectly Christian.


The three theological keystones: the Triad (or Trinity), the Dyad (or Jesus of Nazareth,  God-man), the One (or divine Essence).


Human overpopulation is the symptom of the beginning of the end. It is not the triumph of anthropic species, but its fall.


Christ is not to be spread through the power, the pomp, the sword (in all the senses), the law, but through the Shed and the Cross. The Shed, that is the sobriety of economic means (the rest has to be donated to the poor); the Cross, that is the non-power, to gain with the same determination and calculation of those who want power. The power has to be as leprosy. Only then the Miracle will be the constant  of church, the Sign of its loyalty to christic mandate.


IV Lateran Council (1215): if an ill person refuses sacraments, he cannot receive medical cures. Virtual signer: Benedetto XVI.


God or Trinity or the Three Lovers: here is the mother of all philosophies, all theologies, all the procedures.

Il triplo Fuoco: la stoffa rovente di ogni speranza.

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