The MO.CO.VA. (II Vatican Council Movement) expresses its total indignation and condemnation for the absurd letter sent by the senator Francesco Cossiga to the Bishop of Caserta, father Raffaele Nogaro.

The MO.CO.VA. approves the following statements, given by Nogaro:

a) This war is cruel and foolish;
b) It is made to take part in the profits of the victory;
c) Catholics should never vote for war but only for peace.

We here declare our respect and affection to Father Nogaro, a brightly evangelical figure, pride of the South and of the whole Church.

A very distant figure from all those catholics that are part of the Church, but only formally, self-interestedly and rhethorically.

Reported by

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  • “Irpinia TV” of 21 November 2001 “Prima TV” of 21 November 2001   
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