Sunday 5th December 2010

The mystery of the Immaculate

Does not completely solve itself in the mystery of the Church

She takes part in Christ’s impeccability

From this point of view it is not rule of the Church

But exception before the Church



Kant’s noumenon is a philosophical icon of God. It is the mystic thorn sting in his hyper-subjective system.


One can catch his own existential essence only through the grace and for a while.



There are not two existential acts, the one of the body and the one of the soul. But there is only one existential act, the one of the soul, involved in the body.



Wednesday 1st December 2010. Demons announce through a speaker:


 D. Franco Ratti


a false prophet

may he be transported on the top of the mountains

And thrown down the valley


So demons mime, despite themselves, Rome condemnation.



Tuesday 7th September 2010

vision: house and bookshelf burning

Wednesday 8th September 2010, nativity of Mary

Just awaken, angelic locutio:

Delenda Carthago

“Carthago” that is the prophet. “Bookshelf” that is his ideas.



The second Thomistic way  of God’s existence: efficient causes.


The universe is an efficient cause of efficient causes

But no efficient cause works for itself

So the whole universe is “efficied”



God is omnipotent in the sense that He can do whatever he wants to. But God only wants the Good. So God can do only what He wants. Aliter: God’s omnipotence is limited   from His essence.



Paralogisms of Fisichella


Europe cannot be neutral about religions


Europe cannot be neutral about hierarchies of religions


Europe has to be pally with catholic church

There where Ergo is the Maior.

Monicelli’s clamorous suicide


cosmic, clear and deliberate yell


catholic Church barbarity

about euthanasia and other


Italian State, clerical and shameful,

Shamefully according to the Concordat



Logical proof of God’s existence


Absolute denial as it is cannot be original because it supposes the Positive to be neglected.



Sixth way of God’s existence

The way of Utopia


Pauperum way



You can get to God or the Kingdom


as sympathetic poor with other poor

(united by the same ideal not violent militancy)

Or as sympathetic with poor

The ones and the others

Are sons of Utopia

Of the Kingdom

Of God


Integral or planarian Humanism

The whole man

All the men

Mainly the poor

The prophet’s proclamation



Can save the Planet

Only Jesus Christ’s Parousia

No political social cultural financial initiative

Only the irruption of the Kingdom

National States, social and ecclesial movements

Are condemned to impotence

Before capitalistic insanity

The prophet’s language

Metaphysical or Utopian

Utopian ratio

Directed to get over the empirical datum inclusively


Feeling, suffering, living, tasting, touching, touching lightly

Catching in the warm night of faith

The God of Jesus Christ



To Lev Tolstoi wars are never won, but always lost.



Rosy Bindi (vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies) relates to the mild Right, “that does not get into the conscience, does not substitute it, does not impose any point of view but looks for a common point of view”.





the opium of the masses

Elsa Morante





the Prophet


“Flesh” in all its positivity, vibratility, offendibility. Also the Law of contradiction is, biblically speaking, flesh.

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