Thursday 24th May 2007

“the Holy Spirit groans in our souls because it makes us groan. It is no light matter that the Spirit teaches us how to groan: it makes us understand we are pilgrims, we learn to sigh for the country, and so we groan. The ones who like this world, or better think to like it, who enjoys the flesh and abundance of unspiritual things has a crow-like voice; and the crow croaks, it does not groan. But the one who knows the burden of mortal life, and knows he wanders far from God, and he does not have the eternal beatitude, he groans; thanks to the Spirit. Because a lot of people groan due to their unhappiness on earth, because they are shaken by misfortune; surrounded by their enemies’ envy, they groan. But those co not groan with the dove groan, not for God’s love, not in the Spirit. Who are the crows? The ones who look for their own things. And who are the doves? Those who look for Christ’s things”: St. Augustine’s comment to Rm 8,26.

Leone X with the Bull Exsurge Domine in 1520 condemned Luther’s thesis: “it is against Spirit will if heretics are burnt”.

“… emphasis on individual, whose conscience is supreme and last court, and that is beyond any claims by social groups, included official Church, establishes a principle opposed to increasing totalitarianism”: Joseph Ratzinger in Commentary on the documents of Vatican II, vol.V, pag. 134.

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