Thursday 19th February 2009

Don Floriano Abrahamowicz, lefebvrian: Council is “a maxima cesspit”, “worse than an heresy”.


Hans Küng: “After protestants and Muslims he hit Jewish. It is time for him to be substituted”.


Hermann Häring: “If this Pope wanted to do something good for the Church, he should quit”.


Don Paolo Farinella: “Is the pope still catholic?…”.


Don Paolo Farinella: “Even Popes unerringly make mistakes”.


The Carthusian: “After Ratzinger pope=jam. The lesser of evils. Worse is the non-catholicity of Himself”.


Technology makes us immortal. F***.


John Le Carré: “…I am so angry because there so little anger around me for what is done to our society, in theory to protect it better…”.


Ugo da San Vittore: “Man who finds his land sweet, is but a tender novice. The one, for whom any land is like his own, is already a strong man. But only the one, for whom all the world is a foreign country, is perfect”.


The shitty prejudice that Wojtyla is better than Ratzinger is still strong. Both are homo-doctrinal. Wojtyla is a smart dog on the political side, even if full in humanity. He foresaw coveted and wanted the reactionary Plato, the Shadow of his pseudo-radiance.


On the Carthusian’s mouth sex is a parabola. It disguises the other.


The Shoah is not only the Jewish holocaust, but from the nazi side its denial and concealment, the destruction of its evidence.


The Denial, if one wants to be good, is a big ingenuity.


Wojtyla’s humanity is sentimental. It does not become intellective historical political ecclesial vis, as for the Pope John, the global man and pope.

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